Frequently Asked Questions

What does Mokon manufacture?
Mokon is a leading designer and manufacturer of standard and custom industrial heating and cooling process temperature control systems. Our product line consists of: Water and Heat Transfer Fluid Temperature Control Systems, Central and Portable Chillers, Combination Heating & Chilling Systems, Pump Tanks, Blown Film Coolers, Maintenance Products, Control Panels and Custom/Engineered Systems.
Where is Mokon located?
2150 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14207 (which is located 15 miles South East of Niagara Falls). All Mokon systems are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA!
Can you custom design a system to meet our specific needs?
YES!! Mokon has been designing and building systems since 1955 (over 60 years!). Our customers have come to depend on our thermal fluid dynamic design philosophies to help them meet their unique process requirements. Our custom capabilities include electrical specifications and controls; unique sizes and modular designs; specific construction materials; increased fluid flow, heating and cooling capacities; and much more. Just give us a call and one of our Sales Engineers will develop the Mokon system that best suits your application needs.
Do you sell direct or do I have to go through my local sales representative?
You can buy from Mokon direct. The local sales representative is there to help answer questions. All equipment and parts are shipped from the Mokon facility in Buffalo, New York.
How do I go about ordering equipment or parts from Mokon?
You can visit the Parts Store or reach us by PHONE at (716) 876-9951 or FAX at (716) 874-8048 to place an order for parts or units. You may also contact us about any part/unit orders, quotation or literature requests, or questions. Please note, you will need the model and serial number to ensure the correct parts are provided.
Why should I buy a Mokon system over a competitor?
Mokon products are Designed to Perform and Built to Last! For over 60 years Mokon has set the standard for high-quality circulating liquid temperature control systems. Mokon's strong commitment to quality and safety is shown in the design, capabilities, and engineering expertise built into every product Mokon manufactures. Our systems are thoroughly tested and calibrated before they leave our factory and ALL Mokon systems are manufactured in the USA!
Does Mokon comply with any certifications?
YES! Mokon is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company. Mokon products can also comply with UL, CE, CSA, EAC, NFPA, NEMA and ASME designs.
Where can I find my manual?
The manual is located on a CD that is in the plastic pocket attached to the inside of the electrical box door. Should you misplace the CD, we can provide the same files via email in a pdf format - please contact us.
Where can I find a parts list for my unit?
The parts list is located in the instruction manual. If you do not have a manual, you can contact us and someone will get back to you quickly.
Does Mokon ship outside the US?
Yes, Mokon can ship to all of North and South America plus numerous locations international/overseas. For more information, contact Mokon direct at (716) 876-9951 or contact us.
Does Mokon provide service or repairs?
Mokon offers complete factory repair service on all Mokon systems. In addition, we offer reconditioning/remanufacturing services as well. For more information, please contact customer service at (716) 876-9951 ext. 3306 or visit Technical Support.
Can I reach someone after business hours for trouble shooting?
Yes, you can call (716) 876-9951 and follow the prompts for emergency technical support.