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Mokon Expands HTF Series Line of Oil Systems

November 8, 2021 — Mokon is pleased to announce the expansion of its line of Heat Transfer Fluid Systems with the addition of the HTF 400 Series. The HTF 400 Series maximizes performance with fluid temperatures up to 400°F (204°C), offering our customers a higher temperature range for lower-end process requirements.

Mokon Provides Advanced Temperature Control Solutions in COVID-19 Vaccine Development

September 15, 2020 — Mokon is participating with companies directly involved in Operation Warp Speed to facilitate and accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics.

Mokon Introduces Xtreme-Therm Product Line

February 14, 2020 — Mokon announces a line of high-performing equipment designed for severe-duty industrial applications.

Mokon Introduces Sanitary Line of Products

April 4, 2019 — Mokon is pleased to announce a line of high-performing equipment designed for critical environments.

Mokon to Exhibit at Die Casting Congress & Exposition

August 15, 2018 — Mokon will exhibit at Die Casting Congress & Exposition. The exposition includes three days of Congress sessions given by experts from around the world and more than 120 exhibitors.

Mokon Expands Iceman OA Outdoor Chillers

May 22, 2018 — Mokon is pleased to announce the expansion of its line of Iceman OA Series Outdoor Air-Cooled Chillers up to 60 Ton capacities.

Mokon to Exhibit at NPE 2018 Plastics Show

March 23, 2018 — Mokon is excited to exhibit at NPE 2018: The Plastics Show. The NPE show is the largest plastics conference and tradeshow in the world and features more than 65,000 buyers from across the globe.

Mokon Expands Specific Chiller Lines up to 60 Tons

March 16, 2018 — The add-on of the 50 and 60 Tons to the Dual Circuit and Full Range product lines provides our customers with a greater selection for their process cooling requirements.

Mokon Expands Iceman Chiller Line up to 50 Tons

Feb 23, 2018 — This new product offering will allow customers to consider portable units versus having to jump to a larger, less mobile central system. This addition will enable the company to offer a larger range of portable options for customers.

Mokon Showcases Commitment to Quality with ISO 9001:2015 Certification

December 13, 2017 — Mokon earned this key accreditation by demonstrating its total commitment to providing both the highest quality products and outstanding customer service.

Mokon Expands Duratherm Max Line of Water Systems

September 28, 2017 — Now available within the product line is a lower temperature D3 Series, which has capabilities up to 330°F and an option for 340°F.

Mokon Expands Line of Iceman SC Portable Chillers

May 2, 2017 — The addition of the ASL and WSL line of portable chillers to our SC Series family offers our customers a greater selection for their process cooling requirements.

Mokon Rolls Out New Online Store for Product Parts

November 16, 2016 — New online store offers compressors, motors, heat exchangers and other temperature control product parts.

Mokon Rolls Out Redesign Of Full Range Temperature Control Systems

March 29, 2016 — Mokon, an international leader in high-quality circulating liquid temperature control systems, has completed the redesign of its Full Range temperature control system.

Mokon to Exhibit at the International Pharmaceutical Expo April 26th-28th

March 23, 2016 — Mokon, a leader in high-quality circulating liquid temperature control systems, will exhibit at the International Pharmaceutical Expo from April 26 to 28 at the Javits Center at 655 W 34th Street in New York City.

Glycol Heat Transfer Fluids Are Now Available

January 15, 2016 — Mokon, a leader in high-quality circulating liquid temperature control systems, has added glycol solutions to their extensive product line. Glycol based solutions in both ethylene and propylene are now available for immediate shipment. The addition of these fluids complements our existing line of heat transfer fluid products.

Mokon Redesigns Their High Temperature (380F) Duratherm MAX Water System Line

August 15, 2015 — Mokon, a leader in high-quality circulating liquid temperature control systems, has completed the redesign of its Duratherm MAX water system line. The new design incorporates a top air discharge directing waste heat away from personnel, increased mechanical compartment ventilation, greater access to components for maintenance, and improved overall performance of the system.

Mokon Announces New Outdoor Air-cooled Condensers for Portable and Central Chillers

April 14, 2015 —Mokon is proud to announce that its new outdoor air-cooled condensers offers a cost-effective solution to process cooling. How? By locating the condensing coil outdoors.

Liquid Temperature Control Leader MOKON Celebrates 60 Years of Success

February 9, 2015 —Mokon, a leading manufacturer of circulating liquid temperature control systems, is poised to celebrate a landmark 60th anniversary in 2015.

Total Commitment to Quality: MOKON Earns ISO 9001:2008 Certification

January 27, 2015 —Mokon, a leader in the design and manufacture of advanced heating and cooling equipment for industrial markets, has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification for its Quality Management System.

Mokon Launches New Multi-Device Website

December 2, 2014 —Mokon®, recognized industry-wide for establishing the standard of high-quality circulating liquid temperature control systems, today announced the release of a new, vastly improved website.

Heat Transfer Oil Systems Celebrate Over 45 Years

December 10, 2013 —In 1966, Mokon introduced its first circulating oil temperature control system, and that unique, efficient design is still incorporated into Mokon oil systems today.

Positive & Negative Pressure Heat Transfer Oil System

November 1, 2013 —Mokon announces the introduction of the HTF NPS Series, a new line of positive and negative pressure heat transfer oil systems with temperatures up to 400°F (204°C).

Sanitary Temperature Control Systems Now Available

April 30, 2013 —Mokon can engineer, design and build high quality heating and cooling systems that provide precise temperature control of process fluids in sanitary environments.

Temperature Range of Iceman LT Series Chillers Now Down to -20F (-29C)

March 27, 2013 —Mokon’s line of Iceman Low Temperature chillers is now available with operating temperatures from -20°F to +20°F (-29°C to -7°C) and nominal capacities up to 12 Tons in both air and water-cooled condensing.

Cleanroom Temperature Control Systems Available From Mokon

February 28, 2013 — High quality circulating liquid temperature control systems for cleanroom applications are available from Mokon. Our products can be installed inside or outside a cleanroom to meet the needs of many applications requiring accurate…

Mokon Introduces New Line of High Temperature Water Systems with Temps up to 380F (193F)

December 28, 2012 — Mokon’s line of Duratherm circulating water temperature control systems has been expanded to now include Duratherm MAX a line of high performance water systems with temperatures up to 380°F (193°C) and system pressures up to 300 P…

Mokon's Line of Stationary Heat Transfer Fluid Systems Are Now Available up to 700F (371C)

December 18, 2012 —Mokon announces the availability of the HTF ST Series, a line of stationary heat transfer fluid systems, up to 600 kW and now available up to 700°F (371°C)...

Mokon Introduces Iceman SM Series of Modulating Portable Chillers

April 3, 2012 —Mokon announces the introduction of the Iceman SM Series, a new line of high-efficiency modulating chillers available in capacities from 5 to 15 Hp. The Iceman SM Series of green-friendly portable chillers utilizes the Copeland Scroll…

Full range Combination Heating And Cooling Systems From 50F to 600 F Now Available From Mokon

February 16, 2012 —Mokon announces a new line of Full Range process heating and cooling systems with a temperature range of 50°F to 600°F (10°C to 315°C). Combined with a chiller, a Mokon heat transfer fluid system integrates t…

Low Temperature Chillers Now Available From Mokon

January 25, 2012 —Mokon’s line of Iceman portable chillers has been expanded to deliver low temperature process fluids as cold as -10°F (-23°C) on models up to 10 Tons with both air and water-cooled condensing. The addition of the Low Temperature po…

Hazardous Location Control Panels Are Now Available

September 20, 2011 —Mokon can now produce power and process control panels approved for use in hazardous locations in both Canada and the United States (cULus Listed).

Mokon Expands Line Of Blown Film Air Coolers

July 21, 2011 — Mokon announces the expansion of the company’s BFC Series, a full line of blown film air coolers now available from 600 to 9,000 cfm that offer improved performance, energy efficiency and reduced space requirements. The compact design…

Mokon Introduces New Line of Stationary Heat Transfer Fluid Systems

March 22, 2011 —Mokon announced the availability of the HTF ST Series, a new line of stationary heat transfer fluid systems up to 600 kW and 650°F (343°C). The HTF ST Series offers superior, energy-efficient performance and reduced space requirement…

Mokon Announces The Availability Of A New Series Of Iceman Outdoor Air-cooled Chillers

February, 2011 —Mokon announces the availability of a new series of Iceman Outdoor Air-Cooled Chillers with one- to 40-ton capacities and ambient temperature ranges of -25 to 105°F. These Iceman OA Series chillers are designed for exterior insta…

Mokon Expands HTF 350 Series of Heat Transfer Oil Systems

January, 2011 —Mokon has expanded its line of HTF 350 Series heat transfer fluid systems, now offering both heating and combined heating/cooling units with capacities ranging from three to 24 kW. The HTF 350 Series offers customers a wide range of …

Mokon's Line of Iceman Portable Chillers Just Got Bigger - Now Offered Up to 40 Tons

May, 2010 —Mokon's line of Iceman Portable Chillers has been expanded with a new unit that offers from 1/4 ton up to 40 tons of cooling capacity in both air-cooled and water-cooled designs. These new chillers meet process cooling requirements to 5°F…

Mokon Offers Heating/Chilling System In One Package

January, 2010 —Mokon’s Full Range process temperature control system offers a combination heating/chilling system in one convenient package. These units are ideal for applications including jacketed vessels, reactors, multiple-zone processes, labora…

Mokon's 3-Zone Circulating Water Temperature Control Systems For Industrial Applications

January 1, 2010 —When a manufacturer of mixers was looking for a solution for an accurate temperature control system, it turned to Mokon. Due to the demand for accurate temperature control during the mixing process, it was determined that a system offering multip…

Mokon Provides Custom Multi-Zone Temperature Control System For Snack Food Manufacturer

January 1, 2010 —When a large snack food processor approached Mokon with a need for a compact unit that provided multiple zone temperature control, the company tapped into its customization expertise to meet these requirements. Building on nearly 50 years of experien…

Mokon Develops Custom Outdoor Central Chiller For Automotive Parts Injection Molder

January 1, 2010 —Mid-American Products, an injection molder of nylon, polyurethane and ABS automotive parts, was in need of additional chiller capacity for its 31 injection molding machines. As a new customer, the company approached Mokon for assistance in developing…