Water Systems

Duratherm NPS

Even a minor cooling circuit leak from stress cracks or bad O-rings can stop operations, but with Mokon's Duratherm NPS positive & negative pressure temperature control system; you can finish the production run without the nuisance of a leak or the costly interruption of a repair. The Duratherm NPS gives you accurate temperature control while creating a negative pressure condition to pull the water through the mold - essentially generating a vacuum to stop the leak and preventing downtime from delaying your process.

Whether your process requires positive pressure (no leaks present) or negative pressure (to stop a leak), Duratherm NPS provides the most efficient means of temperature control. By incorporating a Venturi jet pump and a uniquely designed reservoir, you are provided with a self-supporting means of accurate temperature control up to 180° F in a positive or negative pressure condition.

All Duratherm systems come standard with a cULus 508A labeled electrical sub-panel. All these features and more, combined with our extended warranty, make the Duratherm an easy choice for delivering precise and accurate temperature control.

  1. Single zone configurations
  2. Compact, portable design
  3. Stainless steel pump, composite impeller and silicon-carbide seal
  4. Horizontal stainless steel heater canister with unique turbulent flow diverter
  5. Small hold-up volume and energy-efficient heater design
  6. 1/16 DIN non-proprietary microprocessor-based controller in easily accessible panel
  7. Fluid high temperature shut-off switch
  8. 2.1 gallon carbon steel reservoir with auto make-up valve
  9. Carbon steel venturi jet pump and valving to create and control negative pressure conditions
  10. Pressure relief valve
  11. Automatic air purge
  12. Cast brass fluid connections securely mounted to cabinet
  13. Suction and discharge pressure gauges
  14. Removable panel for easy access to heater
  1. Heavy-duty removable casters for portability
  2. Powder-coated finish
  3. cULus 508A labeled electrical subpanel
Additional Features:
  • Positive or negative pressure
  • Compact, portable design
  • Extended warranty:
    • 3 years on system
    • 5 years on microprocessor controller and safeties
    • Lifetime on seals, piping and canister
  • Alarms – audible and visual
  • Bronze jet pump
  • Closed loop circuitry
  • Common supply and drain connections
  • Control options – remote setpoint and re-transmission, communication ports
  • Cooling or chiller circuits
  • Door disconnect switch (standard on some models)
  • Emergency “crash” cooling control
  • Heat exchangers
  • Heat remover design
  • High/low heater operation (manual or automatic)
  • Manifolds
  • Modulating valves
  • NEMA/Type 4, 4X, and 12
  • NFPA 79 electrical safety standards
  • Other voltages, phases, frequencies
  • Power cord (standard on some models)
  • Pressure regulator
  • Process line fluid purge via air connection
  • Redundant heater contactor
  • Remote start/stop and control panels
  • Solid state contactors/relays and SCR
  • Stainless steel cabinets, fluid circuits and tanks
  • TEFC motor
  • UL and CSA certifications
  • Valve process bypass

Please consult factory for more information.

Features of Standard and Optional Controls

A variety of controls are available from Mokon to enhance the high performance of our systems. From solid state to microprocessor based, with communication capabilities to PLC type controls, Mokon can provide the type of control package right for your process.

Eurotherm 3216 Series

The Eurotherm 1/16 DIN (3216) microprocessor controller is operator friendly and easy-to-use. Standard features include a microprocessor PID controller for the highest accuracy in temperature control, a dual LCD display that shows set point and actual fluid temperature, and scrolling text messages that deliver plain language messages to let users know exactly what is happening to the process. There are optional 1/8 or 1/4 DIN controllers available, with high/low deviation alarm, remote set point and retransmission and serial communication. A five-year warranty comes standard with the controller.

Eurotherm 3216 Spec Sheet
Eurotherm 3200 Series Manual

Custom Controls

Mokon's ability to meet customers' specific requirements is seen not only in custom system designs, but also in controls. Our engineers can custom design a control package that meets your specific processing needs, from brand name controls, to direct computer/host machine interfacing. All of which can be expected with the same quality and durability that our customers expect from our complete line of temperature control systems.

Model Pump Flow Rate and Pressure –
Positive Mode
Flow Rate and Pressure –
Negative Mode
Heating Capacity (kW) Process Connection Supply/Drain Connection Approximate Dimensions
(L x W x H)
Shipping Weight (Approx lbs.)
DT-NPS ¾ Hp Up to 25 GPM @ 25 PSI Up to 17 GPM 9/18/24 1″ NPT ½″ NPT 32″ x 17″ x 28″ 210
DR-NPS 1½ Hp Up to 40 GPM @ 32 PSI Up to 27 GPM 9/18/24 1½″ NPT ½″ NPT 32″ x 17″ x 28″ 210
DN-NPS 3 Hp Up to 60 GPM @ 34 PSI Up to 36 GPM 9/18/24 1½″ NPT ½″ NPT 32″ x 17″ x 28″ 210
DO-NPS 5 Hp Up to 80 GPM @ 38 PSI Up to 52 GPM 9/18/24 1½″ NPT ½″ NPT 38″ x 17″ x 28″ 225

Temperature range up to 180°F (82°C)

Available in a variety of voltages. Contact Mokon for more information.