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Mokon's Leak-Master negative pressure system stops leaks in molds and processes without stopping production. This easily connected, portable unit controls water leaks and flow by means of a progressive cavity pump. The system "pulls" rather than "pushes" the water through the process. Instead of water being forced out, air is drawn into leaking areas around faulty "O" rings, holes in pipes or cracks in molds. Essentially, the system creates a vacuum to effectively stop the leak, so there is no need to shut down production for a mechanical repair.

The Leak-Master can be installed quickly for emergency use or as a standby for intermittent use.


The Leak-Master can be connected to any process circulating water system. It can be used in conjuction with a direct water supply, a temperature control system or as a booster pump to an existing water system where head losses cause processing problems.

Installation and Operation

The Leak-Master can be easily installed to your leaking process. To control the leak and flow of water to your process, the regulating valve is simply adjusted from the outside of the dcaibnet without the need for tools. Casters allows for complete portability.

Warranty and Delivery

Mokon offers a one year warranty as standard. The Leak-Master is designed for long trouble-free service and is constructed with reliable parts and durable materials. Most sizes of the Leak-Master are in stock for immediate shipment. Call Mokon for more information on availability and pricing.

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Model Pump (Hp) Flow Rates (GPM) Voltage Total Amps Process Connections Drain / Supply Connections Dimensions L x W x H * Shipping Weight (approx. lbs)
NP1000 1/2 9 115V/1PH 7.4 1" 1" 28" x 16" x 25" 110
NP2000 1/2 9 230V/1PH
1" 1" 28" x 16" x 25" 110
NP4000 1/2 9 460V/3PH 1 1" 1" 28" x 16" x 25" 110
NP1100 1 1/2 24 115V/1PH 12.4 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 32" x 17" x 27.5" 170
NP2100 1 1/2 24 230V/1PH
1 1/2" 1 1/2" 32" x 17" x 27.5" 170
NP4100 1 1/2 24 460V/3PH 2.5 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 32" x 17" x 27.5" 170

Temperature range: 10°F to 180°F (-12°C to 82°C)

*Height does not include regulator valve adjustment—allow for 4"

Leak-Master systems are available in other voltages. Please contact Mokon for more information.

Leak Master
  1. Liquid filled pressure gages, on/off switch and indicating lights mounted in operator-friendly orientation
  2. Low pressure switch
  3. Vent
  4. High pressure switch
  5. Regulator valve adjustment
  6. Strainer
  7. Process, drain and supply connections
  8. Progressive cavity pump
  9. Copper piping
  10. Direct drive T.E.F.C. motor
Additional Features:
  • Meets NFPA 79 electrical safety standards
  • UL 508A labeled electrical sub-panel
  • Portable, easy to connect
  • Suitable for continuous or intermittent use
  • Nonferrous piping


  • 1 year on system

Please Contact Mokon for more information

Please Contact Mokon for more information

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