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Glycol Solutions


Glycol Solutions

Fully Inhibited Glycol based solutions designed for applications where no incidental contact with humans, food, or beverage products could occur. The fluid is manufactured using only new, virgin glycol.

It is recommended for use in all closed primary and secondary heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems. Other applications include radiant heat, snow melt, and various deicing, defrosting, and dehumidifying systems.

Ethylene Glycol
Typical Physical Properties:

•  Ethylene Glycol 95%
•  Inhibitor Package & Water 5%
•  Color Fluorescent Yellow
•  pH of solution @ 33% glycol 9.5 – 11.0
•  Specific gravity @ 60/60˚F 1.120 – 1.135
•  Reserve Alkalinity (min) 12.0 ml

Ethylene Glycol Product Data Sheet
Ethylene Glycol Technical & Engineering Data Sheet
Ethylene Glycol Safety Data Sheet

Propylene Glycol
Typical Physical Properties:

•  Propylene Glycol 95%
•  Inhibitor Package & Water 5%
•  Color Colorless
•  pH of solution @ 50% glycol 9.0 – 10.5
•  Specific gravity @ 60/60˚F 1.050 – 1.060
•  Reserve Alkalinity (min) 11.0 ml

Propylene Glycol Product Data Sheet
Propylene Glycol Technical & Engineering Data Sheet
Propylene Glycol Safety Data Sheet

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