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Every Mokon water cooling tower is designed with the latest technology to reduce your operating costs while providing an energy-efficient and reliable source of cooling water for plant-wide applications.

Our high-density polyethylene cooling towers include forced-draft (up to 100 Tons) or induced-draft (55 Tons and larger) designs. Both designs offer efficient means of cooling that require minimal space and reduced maintenance. The PVC water distribution system and fill material provide even distribution of water and high-efficiency cooling while extending the life of the components due to their noncorrosive nature.

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HDPE Water Cooling Tower

High-Density Polyethylene Water Cooling Towers

  • One-piece HDPE shell — lightweight yet durable with corrosion-proof construction
  • Forced-draft counter-flow design (up to 100 Tons)
  • Induced-draft counter-flow design (55 Tons and larger)
  • Shell will never rust, flake, chip, peel or need painting / protective coatings
  • Totally seamless — leak-less operation
  • Low maintenance — no gear reducers, couplings, additional shafts or extra bearings to maintain
  • Air moving system
  • Leak-proof sump with no joints
  • Drift eliminators to prevent water droplets from leaving tower
  • PVC water distribution system with nonclog, large orifice removable nozzles
  • Forward curved centrifugal blower with totally enclosed motor
  • Blower hood, which provides additional protection from elements and sound attenuation to further dampen sound levels
  • Blower thermostat, one stage which provides on/off control of fan motor
  • Easy connection — single point inlet water connection
  • Virtually no sunlight gets in, preventing bacteria, algae or fungi from forming in the tower
  • Shell can withstand extreme cold and is IBC Compliant (can withstand wind loads up to 175 mph)
  • Seismic zone 4
  • Factory assembled and lightweight for easy installation
  • Unmatched 20-year warranty (construction materials can last 50+ years)

Please contact Mokon for more information.

Please contact Mokon for more information.

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