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Low Temperature Chillers Now Available From Mokon

January 25, 2012 - Mokon's line of Iceman portable chillers has been expanded to deliver low temperature process fluids as cold as -10°F (-23°C) on models up to 10 Tons with both air and water-cooled condensing. The addition of the Low Temperature portable chillers to Mokon's Iceman line is in direct response to feedback received from customers.

The main feature of the Iceman LT Series chiller is its semi-hermetic discus compressor arrangement that is very robust and easy to service with internals that can be replaced, allowing it to be used in a broad range of industrial and commercial applications. In addition, semi-hermetic compressors are more energy efficient than many other compressor types and are built to last, thus saving time and money in maintenance and service calls.

Additional features of Mokon's Low Temperature chillers are the cylinder unloading/hot gas bypass feature used for capacity control, and a microprocessor-based digital controller that is specifically programmed for chiller applications.

The Iceman LT Series utilizes R-507 refrigerant that provides customers with an environmentally friendly option to replace CFCs and HCFCs. Mokon also offers standard Iceman SC portable chillers ranging from 1/4 to 40 Tons that use R-134A and R-407C environmentally friendly refrigerants for process cooling.