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Hazardous Location Control Panels Are Now Available

September 20, 2011 - Mokon can now produce power and process control panels approved for use in hazardous locations in both Canada and the United States (cULus Listed). Approved hazardous location panels for industrial applications are available for use in a variety of applications and industries including chemical and food processing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, packaging, waste water, power generation and many others.

Mokon hazardous location control panels meet the following criteria:
  • Class I, Division I Explosion Proof
  • Class I, Division I Purged/Pressurized Type X
  • Class I, Division II Purged/Pressurized Type Z
  • Class I, Division II UL698A Intrinsically Safe (Non-Incendive)

Typical features available on Mokon’s power and process control panels include: UL and cUL Approval with UL 508A labels; ESA electrical approval and CSA compatibility; NEC, CEC, and NFPA 79 electrical standards compatibility; CE Mark and directives compliant. A variety of enclosure capabilities include: NEMA 1, 3, 4, 7 and 12 rated enclosures; X and Z purge designs; stainless steel and custom painting, mounting legs, custom sizes, and indoor/outdoor remote panel options. Some typical components include: fused and unfused disconnects, circuit breakers, power distribution blocks, terminal blocks for customer interfacing, starters, electronic controls, high limit controls, enclosure heaters and coolers, alarms, and master/slave configurations. A variety of custom components and communication capabilities are also offered.