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Cleanroom Temperature Control Systems Available

February 28, 2013 – High quality circulating liquid temperature control systems for cleanroom applications are available from Mokon. Our products can be installed inside or outside a cleanroom to meet the needs of many applications requiring accurate temperature control for the manufacture of critical components and products.

A cleanroom is used in a variety of industries where small particles, temperature change, humidity fluctuations, and pressure can adversely affect the manufacturing process. Industries include: pharmaceutical, medical, life sciences, biotech, optics, semiconductor, aerospace, specialty food and beverage, and the armed forces.

Mokon’s experienced application and product engineers are available to provide assistance in the selection and sizing of Cleanroom process temperature control systems. We offer the following services: heating and cooling load calculations, increased HVAC system loading, product selection, and recommended designs and features.

Mokon Products and Features:
  • Water and Heat Transfer Oil Systems
  • Portable and Central Chillers
  • Control Panels
  • Custom Designed/Engineered Systems
  • Closed or open loop circuitry
  • Single and multi-zone circuits
  • Stainless steel cabinets and components
  • TEFC motors and magnetic drive seal-less pumps
  • Sealed reservoirs and welded or silver brazed piping
  • Tri-clamp or flanged connections
  • Heat exchangers and heat remover designs
  • Non-marring casters or leveling feet or legs
  • Sound and heat insulation
  • NEMA rated panels and components
  • Alarms - audible and visual
  • SCR and solid state relays
  • Remote set point and re-transmission controllers and communication ports