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What could happen if a chiller is oversized?

Should a chiller be grossly oversized, the chiller will run in a bypass mode - continuously causing the compressor to overheat; hence, cutting the life of the compressor. However, Mokon chillers are designed to operate down to 25% of their capacity.


How do I change the wiring?

Should you need to change the wiring at all, it is best to contact Mokon and talk directly to our Customer Service Department.

How will my parts ship?

Parts can ship based on your requirement. UPS, Federal Express and DHL (export only) are some of the options.

What do I do should I encounter problems with my unit?

Should you encounter a problem with your system, please call Mokon and ask for our Customer Service Department.

What do I do should I receive a defective part, incorrect order or part?

Please contact Mokon and ask for our Customer Service Department. We will issue an RMA number for the part or parts to be returned.

What do I need to hook the unit up?

Basics - water, electricity, hosing. Follow the Mokon instruction manual that is provided with each system shipped.


What is the valve kit assembly used for on the Leak-Master?

Valve kit assembly is used for connection to systems other than Mokon's (std. water) to eliminate backpressure (thermal expansion).


For what time period should I purge my heat transfer fluid/oil system?

This time will vary depending on the size of your process. A good rule of thumb is to watch the discharge pressure gauge while purging. When the gage becomes steady, the system has been purged of air.

What is the recommended fluid - Oil?
  • Duratherm DELF450
  • Duratherm DELF450
  • Duratherm DELF600
  • Duratherm DELF450FG
  • and DELF600FG (Food Grade)
  • Duratherm Lite
  • MultiTherm IG-4
  • MultiTherm PG-1 (Food Grade)
  • Paratherm NF
  • Paratherm HE
  • Calflo FG (Food Grade)
  • Calflo HTF
  • Therminol 66
Cleaning Fluids:
  • Duratherm DELFClean
  • Duratherm Duraclean
  • Duratherm Duraclean Ultra
  • MultiTherm
  • PSC Paratherm SC


For what time period should I purge my water system?

This time will vary depending on the size of your process. A good rule of thumb is to watch the discharge pressure gauge while purging. When the gauge becomes steady and the pressure is approximately twice the suction pressure, the system has been purged of air.

How long should I expect my seals to last?

Depending on the quality of the water being supplied to the system, you can expect your seals to last anywhere from one to three years. Other factors that influence seal longevity include the temperature at which the system is being run and the pressure of the water being supplied to the system.

My Mokon water system doesn't heat up but the heat light is illuminated on the controller?

First check to see that the heaters are pulling the correct amp draw found on the serial tag. If they are then you probably have dirt stuck in the drain solenoid valve; remove and inspect it. If the heaters are not pulling the correct amp draw, then you may have a bad heater element.

My water system shuts down every time the unit calls for cooling. What can cause this?

This is known as nuisance low pressure tripping. Some solutions include: increasing the supply pressure to the system. Mokon recommends 35-40 psi for normal operation. Also, you may decrease the size of your drain line. This will help maintain some back pressure on the system.

What's the difference between the two seals offered on the Duratherm?

The silicon-carbide seal has a harder face and can put up with abrasive water conditions where the Viton ni-resist seal is a good, general-purpose seal. Select your pump seal material based on the expected water quality you will be handling with the circulating water temperature control system.

Can you custom design a system to meet our specific needs?

Mokon has been designing and building systems since 1955. Our customers have come to depend on our thermal and fluid dynamic design philosophies to help them meet their unique process requirements. Just give us a call and one of our Sales Engineers will develop the Mokon system that best suits your application needs.

Do you sell direct or do I have to go through my local sales representative?

Both! You can buy from Mokon direct or from your local sales representative; it's all up to you. All equipment and parts are shipped from the Mokon facility in Buffalo, New York.

How do I go about ordering equipment or parts from Mokon?

You can reach us by PHONE at (716) 876-9951 or FAX at (716) 874-8048. You may also contact us about any part/unit orders, quotation or literature requests, or questions.

How long will a Mokon last?

Some original Mokon systems are still out in the field after more than 55 years in service.

What does Mokon manufacture?

Mokon is a leading designer and manufacturer of Circulating Water and Heat Transfer Fluid Temperature Control Systems, Central and Portable Chillers, Pump Tanks, Maintenance Products, as well as Custom Designed Systems.

Where is Mokon located?

2150 Elmwood Avenue Buffalo, New York 14207

Why should I buy a Mokon system over a competitor?

Mokon prides itself on having the safest, most durable and reliable systems on the market. Every Mokon system is built with extraordinary care and thoroughly tested and calibrated before it leaves our factory.