» For blown film cooling requirements up to 9,000 cfm
» Powder coated (inside and out) heavy gauge steel cabinets for up to 35” static pressure
» Chilled water and discharge air temperature gauges with cleanable inlet filter
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Blown Film Coolers

Blown Film Air Coolers offer an increase in blown film productivity, especially in warmer climates or when ambient air temperatures rise during the summer.

Central Chillers

Continuous centralized process cooling in either air-cooled or water-cooled designs from 30 Ton and up for a self-supporting plant-wide source of chilled water.

Iceman SC Series

Continuous, reliable and accurate process cooling from 0.5 Ton up to 40 Ton chilling capacities and 20°F to 65°F (-7°C to 18°C) fluid temperature range.