For over 60 years, our team of engineering, sales and service professionals have taken pride in supplying the safest, high-quality products in the industry. Take a look at what some of our customers have to say about us.

"IsleChem has been around since 2001, and ever since the beginning, Mokon has been one of our vendors for heating units that we use in the production area. All of my production team leaders do not come to me with issues with Mokon, as they have with some of the other heating units we've used throughout the years." Daniel
Grand Island, NY

"I was very impressed with the Mokon website. I found it extremely easy to navigate and locate what I was looking for. Very helpful!"
Augusta, GA

"Years ago we saved money by changing oil to HTO-22. Bad idea. Per conversations with Mokon engineers we changed again to Duratherm fluid and have had considerably less problems since. Thanks for the recommendation to use a good quality oil."
Novipax LLC
Reading, PA

"We have two water temperature control units that have been in service before I started here in 2001 and they keep on running!"
Ferndale Labs
Ferndale, MI

"Your leasing program was a great way to try out the equipment to ensure it was right for us before purchase."
Blended Waxes
Oshkosh, WI

"I got my first Mokon in 1981 and they are great!"
March Mfg.
Glenview, IL

"Apple Rubber has been working with Mokon units for well over 20 years now. We do rubber injection molding and LSR molding, so temperature control is critical for our process. We’re extremely happy with the durability and efficiency of Mokon units."
Apple Rubber Products
Lancaster, NY

"I am extremely happy with my Mokon units. This is my first time ordering seal kits since the units were purchased in January of 2010."
Robmar Plastics
Clare, MI

"We have purchased several chillers and two hot oil units from Mokon. All units have exceeded expectations and Mokon customer service has been outstanding. I have worked with Chris Osmond, James Tubinis, Maureen Hubbard and Debbie Kipler. All have given excellent customer service and technical support."
Southeast Thermal Systems
Charlotte, NC

"Mokon’s people were 100% engaged in delivering a system that worked for my application, from specification through start up. Very happy with the unit."
Twincraft Skincare
Winooski, VT

"Your products consistently deliver great performance and the technical support from the staff is outstanding."
Goodnature Products
Buffalo, NY

"Great customer service!"
Matrix Composites
Rockledge, FL

"The machine runs well and is easy to program."
Diamond Air Craft
Ontario Canada

"Good products and very good service!"
Pittsfield Plastics
Pittsfield, MA