Central Chillers

Central Chillers

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Mokon's Central Chiller systems are available in 30 to 120 Ton cooling capacities, single or dual-circuit configurations to meet your processing requirements and scroll or semi-hermetic discus compressors. Our dependable, energy-efficient systems are your source for continuous centralized process cooling down to 20°F (-7°C).

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Model Process Air CFM B.t.u./Hr. of Heat Removal 1 Nominal Cooling Required 2 (Tons) Water Capacity (gpm) Chilled Water Connection Air Inlet/Outlet
BFC-600 600 64,512 5.5 13 1.0" 10/10"
BFC-1000 1000 105,855 9 26 1.5" 10/10"
BFC-1500 1500 158,861 13.5 40 2.0" 14/14"
BFC-2000 2000 211,775 18 59 2.0" 14/14"
BFC-3500 3500 370,470 31 81 2.5" 16/16"
BFC-5000 5000 532,210 44.5 112 2.5" 18/18"
BFC-7500 7500 793,760 66 126 3.0" 22/22"
BFC-9000 9000 953,541 80 175 3.0" 24/24"
< <
Model Dimensions Base Unit (L x W x H) Base Unit Shipping Weight (lbs) Shipping Weight with 16" Blower (lbs) Shipping Weight with 35" Blower (lbs) Blower Motor 3 16" Static Pressure (Hp) Blower Motor 3 35" Static Pressure (Hp)
BFC-600 47" x 32" x 47" 400 690 790 3 7.5
BFC-1000 47" x 32" x 47" 430 705 830 5 10
BFC-1500 47" x 38" x 51" 645 985 1215 7.5 15
BFC-2000 47" x 38" x 51" 700 1050 1325 10 20
BFC-3500 60" x 45" x 74" 1100 1580 2035 15 40
BFC-5000 70" x 64" x 75" 1600 2375 3800 40 75
BFC-7500 70" x 73" x 84" 1800 2575 3800 40 75
BFC-9000 70" x 73" x 84" 2000 3075 4300 40 75

For Central Chiller systems larger than 120 Ton, please contact Mokon for more information.

Central Chillers
  1. Scroll or semi-hermetic discuss compressors
  2. Microprocessor-based or PLC controller mounted in operator-friendly orientation
  3. Emergency stop button
  4. Door disconnect switch
  5. Push buttons, indicating lights and alarms
  6. NEMA 12 rated electrical enclosure
  7. Pressure gauges
  8. Brazed plate evaporator
  9. Forklift access

System standard with NFPA 79 and UL 508A labeled electrical sub-panel

Central Chillers

Accurate, Reliable and Green Friendly

  • Available in 30 Ton to 120 Ton cooling capacities
  • Supply process fluid control down to 20°F
  • Single or dual circuit configurations
  • Air-cooled or water-cooled condensing
  • Scroll or semi-hermetic discus compressors
  • Automatic compressor staging for capacity control
  • Electronic hot gas bypass for partial load conditions
  • Microprocessor controls
  • Green friendly refrigerants
  • Combination central chiller and pump tank systems available

Maximum Safety and Low Maintenance

  • NEMA 12 rated electrical enclosure
  • Low and high refrigerant pressure safety devices
  • Main power disconnect
  • General fault and individual system alarms including freezestat, compressor fault and no flow condition
  • Refrigeration shut-off valve isolates refrigerant for regular service
  • Emergency stop allows quick emergency shutdown
  • Audible alarm for fast notification of problems with reset
  • NFPA 79 and UL 508A labeled electrical sub-panel


  • 1 year on system

* Please consult factory for more information.

  • Automatic fill, low water level (reservoir) indication and system shutdown
  • CPR valve
  • Discus compressor
  • Evaporator manifold
  • Evaporator manifold with isolation valves
  • Evaporator strainer
  • Low temperature ambient kit
  • Oil separator
  • PLC controller
  • Water-cooled condenser manifold
  • Water-cooled condenser manifold with isolation valves
  • Water-cooled condenser strainers
  • Visual alarm

Features of Standard and Optional Controls

A variety of controls are available from Mokon to enhance the high performance of our systems. From solid state to microprocessor based, with communication capabilities to PLC type controls, Mokon can provide the type of control package right for your process.

Carel Micro

The Carel Micro is the standard controller for single circuit central chillers. Features include a microprocessor-based electronic controller, LCD readout of set point and actual fluid temperature, and compressor lead lag. Additional features include built-in delay and safety functions, capacity control of compressor(s), and hour meter readout of run time on compressor(s). The Micro controller is compact yet extremely accurate and powerful.

Carel Micro Spec Sheet

Carel pCO (with pGD display)

The Carel pCO is the standard controller for dual circuit central chillers. Features include an advanced programmable microprocessor-based controller with software designed for chiller applications and a programmable color LCD touch screen display with industry standard graphic symbols that indicate modes of operation and system performance. Additional features include compressor lead lag, built-in delay and safety functions, multiple digital or analog signal input and output capabilities, and real-time clock with running hour meter that logs compressor run time. Available options are BACnet or LonWorkscommunication capabilities for interface with BAS (Building Automation Systems) and program uploads with the use of a programming key versus a PC. The pCO controller ensures our customers the most accurate control technology with the most current communication capabilities and control features on the market.

Custom Controls

Mokon’s ability to meet customers’ specific requirements is seen not only in custom system designs, but also in controls. Our engineers can custom design a control package that meets your specific processing needs, from brand name controls, to direct computer/host machine interfacing. All of which can be expected with the same quality and durability that our customers expect from our complete line of temperature control systems.

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