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Mokon's 3-Zone Circulating Water Temperature Control Systems For Industrial Applications

When a manufacturer of mixers was looking for a solution for an accurate temperature control system, it turned to Mokon. Due to the demand for accurate temperature control during the mixing process, it was determined that a system offering multiple zone control was necessary.

Mokon’s 3-zone circulating water temperature control system not only provided an efficient and accurate manner in which to control temperatures, but it also allowed for uniform temperatures throughout the mixing process.

Mokon’s system met the customer’s specifications for heating, cooling, and fluid control characteristics. The system was also customized to meet customer specified electricals, control capabilities, physical layout and color. An additional benefit was the size of the system. The customer was able to have a multi-zone temperature control system in one framework, which limits space and resource requirements.

Mokon’s multiple-zone circulating water temperature control system includes a 40-gallon tank that supports all 3 zones. Zones 1 and 2 of the 3-zone system are able to provide flow rates of up to 90 gpm at 60 psi via a 7.5 hp motor. These zones also offer heating capacities of 60 kW per zone and a 39.3 sq. ft. heat exchanger for cooling purposes. Differentiating itself from Zones 1 and 2, Zone 3 features a flow rate of up to 45 gpm at a pressure of 60 psi via a 5 hp motor. It has a heating capacity of 15 kW and a 19.6 sq. ft. heat exchanger for cooling.

The entire system is constructed in a framework that supports the system’s componentry, including a closed water circuitry that separates the cooling water from the process water. It is also equipped with a custom microprocessor PID control with linear communication capabilities. Non-ferrous (brass, bronze, and copper) plumbing is supplied throughout the system, and a NEMA 12 electrical enclosure is provided to protect the control and motor starter panels against dust and other harmful debris.