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Mokon Provides Custom Multi-Zone Temperature Control System For Snack Food Manufacturer

When a large snack food processor approached Mokon with a need for a compact unit that provided multiple zone temperature control, the company tapped into its customization expertise to meet these requirements. Building on nearly 50 years of experience in developing high quality circulating liquid temperature control systems, Mokon has provided units to meet the unique needs of process control applications in diverse industries from plastics and die casting to chemical and food processing.

The custom water system was required to accurately control the temperature in seven different zones of the snack food processor’s extrusion barrel. “Heat is generated as the screw turns inside the barrel of the extruder and moves the product from one end to another,” explained Rob Brzozowiec, Mokon sales engineer. “The seven-zone temperature control was therefore necessary to maintain a consistent temperature to properly produce the food product.”

In lieu of individual controls for each zone, the customer requested that all seven be controlled from a single location. Major benefits of a single, compact cabinet would include reducing the unit’s footprint and subsequently increasing manufacturing floor space, and having one connection point to the electrical source. In addition, a common supply and drain would require only a single point hook up, thus eliminating numerous bulky hoses around the processing area.

Taking the unique application needs into account, Mokon was successful in designing a custom seven-zone water temperature control system, each zone with a ¾ hp motor, a 25 gpm pumping capacity and a 9 kw heating capacity. The unit additionally featured non-ferrous plumbing throughout the system, including a stainless steel pump and impeller and copper and brass plumbing. Remote start/stop capabilities with an emergency stop function and indicator lights for modes of operation were also incorporated into the design.

In addition to its National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 79 compliant heater, motor and transformer fusing, and main power disconnect, the custom seven-zone water temperature control system benefits included an operator-friendly design with easily accessed controls for all seven zones, and energy efficiency in the small hold up volume of fluid required by the unit, which translates into better heat transfer.

"Our customer has expressed significant satisfaction in the control system’s operation," stated Brzozowiec. "As we are able to provide various configurations, food grade-acceptable coated cabinetry, NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X water-tight enclosures, wash down capabilities, and stainless steel cabinetry, we feel confident in providing many future customized products for the food processing industry."