» Heating and cooling process temperature control from -10°F to 650°F (-23°C to 343°C)
» Over 55 years of designing and manufacturing accurate, durable and efficient systems
» Water and heat transfer systems, chillers, custom engineered designs, control panels, and much more

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All Products Brochure (Updated May 2010)

Dual Zone Duratherm (Dual Zone Water System)

Duratherm (Circulating Water System)

Duratherm HTP (High Temperature/High Pressure Water System)

Duratherm NPS (Negative Pressure Water System)

Full Range (Combination Heating/Chilling System)

Hydrotherm II (Circulating Water System)

Minitherm (Circulating Water System)

Eurotherm 3216 Spec Sheet

Eurotherm 3200 Series Manual

HTF ST Series (HTF Stationary System up to 650°F)

HTF 350 Series (HTF System up to 350°F)

HTF 500 Series (HTF System up to 500°F)

HTF 600 Series (HTF System up to 650°F)

HTF HF-2 Series (HTF System up to 650°F)

Eurotherm 3216 Spec Sheet

Iceman LT Series (Low Temperature Portable Chiller)

Eurotherm 3200 Series Manual

Iceman Dual Circuit Series (Dual Circuit Portable Chiller)

Iceman Full Range Series (Combination Heating/Chilling System)

Iceman Micro Series (Small Tonnage Portable Chiller)

Iceman SC Series (Portable Chiller up to 40 Tons)

Eurotherm 3216 Spec Sheet

Carel Micro Spec Sheet

C3 Cold Climate Coolers (Up to 195 Tons)

Cooling Towers (10 Ton Capacities and Larger)

Iceman Central Chillers (Up to 120 Tons)

Outdoor Central Chillers (20 Ton Capacities and Larger)

Carel Micro Spec Sheet

Iceman Outdoor Chillers (Up to 40 Ton)

Pump Tanks (Up to 7500 Gallons)

Blown Film Coolers (Up to 9000 cfm)

ClearFlo (Heat Transfer Fluid Filtration System)

ClearFlo PLUS (Heat Transfer Fluid Filtration System)

D-Scaler (Descaling System)

Leak-Master (Negative Pressure System)

Stainless Steel Manifolds

Custom/Engineered Systems (Up to 650°F)

Food Processing and Packaging Systems (Up to 650°F)

Power and Control Panels