» Heating and cooling process temperature control from -20°F to 700°F (-29°C to 371°C)
» Over 55 years of designing and manufacturing accurate, durable and efficient systems
» Water and heat transfer systems, chillers, custom engineered designs, control panels, and much more

Central Chiller Systems

At Mokon, it's about more than just engineering products - it's about engineering performance. What's the difference between a Mokon Central Chiller and others on the market? It's all in the design. You see, all central chillers are not created equal. For the long-lasting performance and reliable centralized cooling you depend on, it has to be Mokon. Our full line of central chillers provides centralized process cooling down to 20°F (-7°C). So, take a good look - you'll see why Design is the Difference at Mokon.

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